Always check the paytable before you play a slot for the first time.

Some games require that you play with maximum coins to win the jackpot, especially reel slots.
eg A jackpot might pay as follows
3 jackpot symbols with 1 coin = 1000 credits
3 jackpot symbols with 2 coins = 2000 credits
3 jackpots symbols with maximum of 3 coins = 5000 credits.
As you can seen the prize is enhanced drastically with maximum coins.

Compare percentage payouts if they are available. Some casino software show the average percentage payback in the paytable.
Most casino slots pay back around 95% of the money they take in, as a long term average.
Individual sessions will vary wildly - (obviously, or no-one would play the games)

However you have a much better chance of winning if your game pays out 97% compared to 92% long term rates.

These percentages are lower than table games, and casinos are known for making most of their money through the slots..
eg blackjack can return up to 99.7% to a good player playing perfect strategy.The appeal with slots games is the chance to win a huge jackpot prize, or even a regular big win, out of proportion to the bet you are making.
eg the Mega Moolah slots can win multi-million pound jackpots from a $2 bet.

Some games can be classed as HIGH VARIANCE or LOW VARIANCE.
Eg low variance games frequently pay out lots of small prizes, so you can have lots of playing time for your money, but high variance slots are the opposite.
Generally the higher the number of winlines, the lower the variance, and the more small wins you win achieve. What you prefer will depend on whether you want to go for a big win, or play for as long as possible.
Most players tend to mix up a slots session, playing a wide range of games, and trying a few spins on the big jackpots slots if they are ahead..


It's nice to have the chance to win a massive jackpot at a progressive slot game, but remember that the jackpots have to be paid for by many people, and each spin contributes a tiny portion towards the jackpot. This means the payout rates for other prizes is slightly lower by 1 or 2 percent.
Regular bonus videoslots don't have to make a jackpot contribution with each spin, and consequently they can afford to pay out a higher percentage overall - albeit smaller prizes. If your bankroll is running low, you may prefer to play non-progressive slots to have a better chance of giving your balance a boost with a medium sized win.

Remember, not to gamble with money you can't afford to lose.
Set a budget and don't try to chase losses. Casino slots machines are 100% random, which means that they are not influenced by past betting, and are not 'due to pay out' anytime.
It is possible to go for long losing streaks, not winning anything much, then win 2 or 3 big prizes in a row. It is completely random.
It is wise to also set an amount to hit, so you can playing when you are winning.
eg 2 or 3 times your deposit.

Good luck at the casinos !!


32 Red CASINO - UK slots casino

Play in UK pounds or Euros. (Sorry, no US players)

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32 Red is a popular online casino from 32 Red PLC, a listed company.
They now have over 10 years of online gaming experience, and are fully licenced in the UK territory of Gibraltrar.
The casino is powered by the popular Microgaming software - this is probably the most popular casino software available and is especially popular for its online slots games.
Players can also play other popular casino games - videopoker, blackjack, roulette etc.

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32 Red is now available in the UK.

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Videoslots, classic reel slots and table games.
Monthly tournaments including big prize freerolls.